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Make a lasting impression at your events with customized clothing that reinforces your brand identity.


Charity and Fundraising Events

Make a statement while making a difference. Whether you’re organizing a charity run, walk, or fundraiser, our custom apparel can help promote your cause effectively. Create custom t-shirts for participants, volunteers, and supporters to help raise awareness and funds for your charitable endeavors. Together, we can make a positive impact on the world, one shirt at a time.



Getting ready to celebrate the end of single life? Our customizable t-shirts are the perfect way to make your bachelor or bachelorette party unforgettable. Personalize each shirt with fun nicknames, inside jokes, or even photos of the bride or groom for a unique keepsake that will have everyone laughing and reminiscing for years to come.
Transform your birthday parties into memorable experiences from Tink. Order your unique custom apparel today and add an extra layer of creativity and joy to your celebrations. Let’s make your birthday moments truly exceptional!


Band Merch

In the world of music, expression isn’t limited to just the notes and lyrics. It extends to what you wear, what you carry, and how you connect with your audience. At Tink, we’re passionate about helping bands, solo artists, and music enthusiasts make their mark through our merchandise services. Whether you’re gearing up for a gig, a music festival,album presentation or just want to share your sound with fans, we’ve got you covered.

Create your album artwork or Band Logo,start your merch today and take your music career to the next level!

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